Afholdte arrangementer 2018

Thematic Happy Hour: Beyond Cultural Racism

Thursday the 12th of April from 16-18
Ethnographic Exploratory, room 4.1.12, CSS
Øster Farimagsgade 5, building 4, 1. floor, room 12, 1353 København K

Thematic Happy hour

16.00-16.05 Welcome from Antropologforeningen
16.05-16.35 Presentation by Anna Bredström, Senior Lecturer at Linköping University
16.35-17.05 Discussion by Cecelia Walsh-Russo, Guest lecturer at Department of Sociology, UCPH
17.05-17.20 Break
17.20-18.00 Open floor for discussion
We will serve snacks, wine and beer. Everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you!


Senior Lecturer Anna Bredström

The paper analyses sexual educational material in Sweden that aspires to a ‘norm critical’ agenda, i.e. which explicitly seeks to challenge norms regarding gender, sexuality, able- bodyness, race and ethnicity. Our analysis is interested in the ways the material attempts to move beyond racialised notions of immutable cultural differences. We argue that while the material avoids reproducing stereotypes, it fails to develop an alternative way of conceptualising culture and its importance for sexuality. It also falls prey to a liberal discourse in its attempt to bridge differences by aspiring to universal rights. A more fruitful alternative, we suggest, would be to turn to a transversal politics so as to develop a sex education that can accommodate conflicting values, yet treat culture in a non-essentialist way.

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