Happy Hour #1 Willerslev og Sjørslev

Antropologforeningens Podcast – Anthropological Happy Hour #1 Rane Willerslev and Inger Sjørslev

In this episode of the Monographic Happy Hour Podcast you will meet Professor and Director General of the National Museum of Denmark, Rane Willerslev presenting his monograph published in 2007 called Soulhunters: Hunting Animism and Personhood among the Siberian Yukaghirs. The monograph explores the hunting culture of the Yukaghirs, a group of indigenous hunters in the Upper Kolyma region of northeastern Siberia. Learn more about the monograph by following the link below.

Critical comments and questions are given by associate professor and senior lecture in the department of Anthropology on Copenhagen University, Inger Sjørslev.

The Anthropological Happy Hour Podcasts are based on recordings from the Monographic Happy Hour events, which the Anthropological Association of Denmark cohost with the department of Anthropology at Copenhagen University. The aim of the Monographic Happy Hour events is to honor the classic, anthropological genre – the monograph. The Monographic Happy Hour event in this podcast was hosted on the University of Copenhagen on the 9th of April 2018.


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